Friday, February 27, 2009

403 2nd Ave. So.

It's funny how you many live a few houses during the years you are growing up but only one usually is the one you consider "home". For me it is 403 2nd. Ave. So. where we lived from the time I was 4 years old until I was 14. When my parents bought the house it was already almost 100 years old. It was then 1954. It was a wonderful old house with 4 bedrooms and a bath and a half. It had a bannister we took every opportunity to slide down. It had a screened in front porch we spent many hours on. An old "Michigan" basement with a coal bin and a room to put preserves in. But more than just the house was the wonderful neighborhood filled with kids to play with and a block to the big park and beach and Lake Michigan.
Across the street was a city diamond shaped small park where baseball was played and a ice rink was maintained by the city in the winter months. Many hours were spent on it in all seasons.
We spent hours playing kick the can in our paved alley, rode our bikes (double sometimes) all over kingdom come, organized our own parades down the "tar" in the middle of the street, camped out in the backyard, picked green apples out of old lady Hessel's apple tree and ate them w/salt under the street lights, skated for hours both girls and boys playing crack the whip, and those are only some of the good things we did. The list goes on and on. But around it all is this house, our house that we always ran home to when the street lights came on and where in the morning we'd often wake up to the fog horn going off in the harbor. It's sights and sounds and smells are never really gone from my memory and I'm sure you all have a "home" like this too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy BDAY


Happy Birthday Mark (and Mike)

My birthday wish for you is simple. More days like the one in this picture. The day you got your hole in one!
For the sense of accomplishment and euphoria it gave you. That's my wish for you both.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Lifetime friendships

I'm not sure what exactly I'd like to convey here other than the fact I have been blessed in my life with wonderful friends. Not just Bill and Lonell but many others as well. Lonell and I met at the age of 19 and have been close friends ever since.
Bill is one the few men in my life I consider a friend (besides my brothers).
I am going to spend a week or so with them next month at their home in Key Largo.
I treasure this time not just because its warm there and we get to watch NCAA bball.
I treasure it because I get to spend time with them with whom I have shared my life with and me theirs. We have history and so many memories over 40 years. All good.

It's really true you only get to go down this road called life once. I have lucked out in mine. I have wonderful brothers and in-laws and children and I didn't choose any of them. But the people I did get to choose, my friends, I really have been blessed with. Thank you all for taking this journey with me.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I never cease to amaze even myself in the things I'm drawn to. This is the latest.
Surely someone will recognize just what this is. I was drawn to the warmth of the wood and I could tell it was old and used much and I just
loved the patina and thought it would work somewhere in my living area. I actually think I may mount it over the sliders but just not sure yet. I do know what it is but didn't immediately . Look at it, think about it, then "comment" your guess which you can do anonomusly if u like. It's actually pretty obvious!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progressive update

Much time and preparation goes into this evening the least of it my myself..........dessert course. We all deserve an easy year though.
From beginning to end the food was just fabulous as usual. The company outstanding! Another great year guys!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jim Jr

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today my much older brother turns 60. Seems like yesterday we were watching the friday nite
fights eating our popcorn and drinking our red pop! Imagine what it was like for me having follow
your act (straight A student)! What a great brother you have always been to me. I can remember
so many times going to you for advice and you were always thoughtful and forthcoming ,with as I
remember, sound and reasonable possibilities for me to ponder. Never telling me what to do .....just
giving me my options and your observations.
You've always had a calm and gentle nature I wished I possessed. Introspective, intelligent,
musically inclined along with a host of other positive traits. You've stayed true to the person you've
always been and made choices that haven't always been the "easy way". I admire you and love you
Sorry about all the times I said "Mom loves you better than me" and "you were her favorite"!
Tee Hee! I was only kidding!!! Seriously............Happy Birthday Jimmy!
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentine's progressive

Valentine's weekend for us means our annual progressive dinner. Mark and I were added to this neighborhood group (Bella Vista) some 12 years ago when someone moved away. We enjoy it and look forward to it each year. There are 5 couples and 5 courses and it takes about 5 hours to devour them. We move from house to house and consume much wine along w/the wonderful food. Over the years we have had themes like "New Orleans", "Michigan", "French", and one year it was "Pimps and Hoes" ....the pictures were worth a thousand words. If you've never done a progressive try getting friends/neighbors to participate. Everyone's house gets super clean for one night. All the best dishes and silverware come out. Cookbooks and the internet gets searched for just the right receipe. Great care is taken in preparing your "course". And best of all you all just enjoy the good company along with the great food! Try it, you'll like it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

totem by wildthings

While I appreciate the conventional approach to creativity, I've never let it limit me in my pursuits.
Over the years I've mostly taken a twisted outside the box eye to the things I do artistically. I love
"junk" and I love paper and often try to mix the two.
This is my first totem and I am working on a second. I hope they get better as I go along and most
of the time they do. This one has no theme other than a love of color I happen to have.
I am working on a second one right now that I am calling "Leonardo da Vinci" and it basically has
little color but is inspired by his broad spectrum of interests which are amazing and way ahead of
his times.
I often hear people say "I'm just not creative" but I feel like everyone has it in them. Some just
don't feel like channeling it out. It can be done in many different ways and I am constantly amazed
at others abilities to express their inner artist.
I've watched others be able to photograph what many of us fail to even see. I've seen many cook
with great creativity and been fortunate enough to "taste" it. I've listened to someone play the
piano or guitar and think it sounds "just like" the person sitting there doing it. I've read many

books that seemed at the time works of art.
If the things I "make" bring only a smile to one persons face and pleasure in the making.........what
else can one ask? And almost every one I know has shown me some form of artistry whether they
know it or not.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grandfatha and Dylan chillin

Make no mistake about the fact Mark is very taken w/his grandson. We just returned from a visit with our Jersey contingent and Mark enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. He will admit that he is quite taken with his first grandchild and wants to see him atleast every couple months this first year. We'll see how we do!
Next visit is the end of March and Mark will meet me there for Dylan's first week away from Mommy 24/7. We are hoping this will make the transition a little easier for them both. We enjoyed taking Dylan for a walk with us our last day there and hope the weather will permit us to do this while we are there the next time. He enjoyed the outside "air" as much as we do.
We also enjoyed seeing Matt interact with his nephew and know that as the years go by they will continue to be a big part of each other's lives as well. Thank you to Dave and Lindsay for giving us the most wonderful, delightful little guy to cherish and love!
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