Monday, July 9, 2012

Visiting Michigan

The Kohler's came for their yearly visit this past week.
  We had a wonderful time enjoying all 4 of them and most especially Dylan and Evan.  It was SOOOO hot we spent much more time inside than we'd have liked but managed to give them some memories of the outdoors as well.  Dylan "golfed" several times which for him is a few hits with clubs and ball and then shucking his shoes and running in the sand traps.  He caught his first fish in the pond in front of our condo.  Went into Rockford and saw the "dam" and waterfalls and even had his first "superman" ice cream cone.  I think if you ask him his favorite thing though it just might be sliding down our hill on a big piece of cardboard.    Evan won't remember much be we will remember his first visit to Michigan and remind him.
  He started our day early but with sunny smiles and the deposition we should all have on waking each day.  His sweet open mouth kisses and easy going nature were just a delight for us.  Gone today but in our hearts and thoughts always.  We can't wait til early October and our visit out east with them already. :D  
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