Monday, October 7, 2013

Summer Daze

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This has been a whirlwind summer of the best kind for us. During the winter months we purchased a cottage on Lake Michigan about an hour from our home. Starting in late April we have been there on an off trying to make it our own. It is a seasonal place with no insulation and requires "winterizing". We do have a wood burner but it is a futile thing when it turns really cold. Nonetheless, we have enjoyed it so much. The lake is what it is truly all about. Sunsets each night are a highlight. Along with walking the beach each day for me and sharing it with our friends and family as well. Three A frames on a dune. Ours is the one most west with Timm's (Matt's in-laws behind us) and Mark's brothers sharing the 3rd unit which they rent a bit of the summer to others. It's been a labor of love and great enjoyment and will be host to many memories for all of us.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter walk

Winter does not stop me from my daily walk.  Wind does and temps in the single digits might but those are infrequent it seems.  On those days the treadmill gets some use.  But for me outside is always my preferred method of "steps" for the day.  I have concluded that I have a great need for the outside air no matter what the weather may be and I always come in with a great feeling of well being after my hour walk outside.  Thinking about this one day I recalled my Mother telling me that as a very young baby I was happiest lying in my buggy on the front porch just watching the leaves and treetops.  Guess I haven't changed much and that it is just something in my DNA. 
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