Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ev and D

Been back since Wednesday from our visit out east to see Lindsay and family.  As usual we enjoyed the time spent with Lin and Dave and our two beautiful, sweet grandsons.  Evan is a bright, quick, smiling, jumploving little 8 month old who knows what he likes.  Dylan definately takes after our own two in the shy department.  But once he gets comfortable, he'll lead the conga line and make everyone around him laugh.  The pictures show the quieter sides of them both.  Missing them both!   
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artprize 2012

In addition to the 3 pics above these are also in the top 10 to win Artprize this year. Two others, an oil painting and an origami piece I have to admit I didn't take pics of but they are both superb and deserving. The Lights in the Night piece we were lucky enough to witness in person and it took our breath away. 20,000 chinese lanterns lit up and let go on a perfect night for such an endeavor. We (registered) voters get to chose only one this week to win the big prize. My choice will be the piece called "Song of Lift" which is the first one on the prior set of pics and for the reason that it engaged more than one sense for me and truly was delightful. The artist not only used his imagination but it required both sides of brain to make this the sensory delight to behold that it was. I won't be upset if one or two of the others win because they were great as well (the "Elephants") for one. And the oil painting not pictured as well as the origami piece. All in all I am thrilled to live in this wonderful city where all of this takes place.